Behind The Frontrow - Biography

Frontrow London is an Image Consulting Agency created by fashion stylist Lovisa Toll, with the concept of bringing Europe’s young top talent together to create a fashion network where our clients not only get superb service, but also with a personal touch.

Lovisa, a self-confessed CHANEL addict, was born in Sweden but her burning interest in fashion made her move to Paris at the tender age of 19. A couple of years later she fell in love with Tokyo, made the move and started working as a stylist and personal shopper. For the last few years Lovisa has been living in London working with some of Europe’s top designers. She is available for work nationwide and internationally.

“I’d like to describe my style as a mix of Paris, Tokyo and London. I love the classic Parisian look with clean lines, good tailoring and beautiful accessories but I also find a lot of inspiration in the chaos and madness of Tokyo. London is a mecca for personal style and I love the mix of designer, high street and vintage. It’s sleek, sexy and quirky at the same time. Fashion should never be intimidating, it should be fun! I believe everyone has a style sometimes it just needs a bit of professional help to be brought out. It’s fascinating how your clothes and accessories can do the talking for you! Let’s face it – life is just one long catwalk.”